On-& Sale of Pallets



Pallet trade Readypal buys the outflow of pallets from companies in all sectors (fruit and vegetables, automotive, logistics, construction,….) both small, medium and large.

These outflows may consist of completely defective batches or batches to be sorted out.

After the collection, these pallets are mechanically or manually sorted and inventoried at Readypal according to quality, structure and size.

The customer receives a detailed sorting report by e-mail where he then has to send us an invoice.

The pallets that are not market comform because of the quality, structure or size are transported to the processing to accommodate a second life as chipboard, wood pellet or “renewable energy source”.

Feel free to contact us if you have pallets too much or if you have pallets that are in less good condition.

Onbruikbare palletten voor spaanindustrie of hernieuwbare energie


Readypal mainly sells Europalletten.

aar also CP and disposable/one-way pallets from both wood and plastic with both conventional and deviating sizes are offered for sale.

More information can be found on our page “Pallets“.

New & Second Hand pallets

In addition to new pallets , we also offer second hand pall Food and as good as new pallets.

Best Buy price/Quality

Palettes with “Almost new status” are economically very interesting as they are a lot cheaper and the quality difference for new pallets is virtually negligible.

These palettes offer the best value for money.

Other Pallet Products

Pallet trade Readypal also sells tailor-made pallet boxes to store pallets in a well-groomed way.

Info, prices & quotation Pallets

  • Would you like more information about us, our service and/or our transport options?
  • Need a price indication for a pallet product?
  • Do you want a quote for the purchase of larger pallet numbers?

… Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you!

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